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Street songs of Dundee & Lochee

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and the surrounding area

Brought to you by Jacky Cook

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Original parodies can be composed to suit any event

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Over the years, Jack has put together, old and new Dundee streetsongs.

Some delve back to the war years when there were few toys to be had,

games were played with whatever materials came to hand,

But the singing voice was the main thing then

and most games had their own songs,

usually "Chants" like One two three a Leery,

Leeries of course being Street gas lighters of bygone days

These are Dundee Streetsongs both old and new with some Parodies about Dundee which are more modern in their settings, some feature people some places but the songs all relate to Dundee.

The CD above is a mix down of Dundee streetsongs [1] and Back then which features Dundee streetsongs [2] and a lot more

This is Dundee Streetsongs [1] in a new cover with a caricature of Jacky Cook.

The CD takes us back in time to old Dundee, with all the old skipping songs and game songs.

It also brings humour of a more modern time,with parodies to tunes you will immediately recognise, just the words are different

This is a sample of some of the songs and parodies on all the CD's,

there are also complete CD's with just the parodies of a more modern Dundee,

songs about people like Jock McCool, or songs about Dundee entertainers, guaranteed to give you a laugh, check them out,


Jack has also written Parodies about Dundee which will set a smile on your face, with the use of the Dundee dialect to the fore, if you come from Dundee you are sure to enjoy these songs written to well known tunes which you will recognise immediately.

This is a song I wrote for the Referendum,

I am not political, just a songwriter looking for something to inspire me and, at the time it was on everyone's lips.

I was helped by my friend Frank Larg who supplied all the pictures, my daughter Avril and Gillian Murray supplied the harmonies and Stuart Duncan at Red Barn Studios produced the finished article.